Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finger Puppet Theater

I love the cute little finger puppets in boutique toy stores. But I never really knew how to get my kids to play with them. Enter the Finger Puppet Theater. This crazy easy craft gives little ones some direction.


Cereal Box (the bigger the better)
Finger Puppets (IKEA has 10 for <$5)


1) Take out the bag of cereal. Shake out box into the trash.
2) Cut off top flaps with scissors.
3) Turn box upside down and decide where the window should go.
4) Poke hole in the center of planned rectangle. From the center, cut out a rectangular hole for the puppets to rise up to.
5) Hand it to your child and cheerfully exclaim that it's a finger puppet theater.

For those of you who have time on your hands and craft supplies a plenty, you can cover the box with paper or even fabric, make curtains, and interchangeable backgrounds.

For an educational twist for gradeschoolers, have them write out their plays before they act them out.

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