Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School Countdown

My oldest Lucy will be headed to kindergarten in a few short weeks. We didn't go the preschool route, so she's really excited about starting school and a little nervous. To help count down the days until that first day of school, I took advantage of the great sales on school supplies that are out there. I spent a grand total of $1 for this easy little countdown.


Pencils (as many as there are days left until school starts)
Jar/can/anything that will hold pencils
Pencil Box


Put unsharpened pencils in a jar. Every night before bed, sharpen a pencil and place it in the pencil box.

That's it. If you need a little more decoration, tie a bright bow around the jar. Or maybe even some marbles in the bottom. The possibilities are endless.

Got any other countdown ideas?


  1. oh, Adair, that is a good idea. I just need an electric sharpener.

  2. oh, and i just laughed and laughed at the latest cake... the headless bride.