Friday, August 7, 2009

Airplane Zip-line

Last week, I had two little boys (and their older siblings and moms) over for a playdate. I wanted to have an activity planned just in case. I found this great idea on Family Fun's website and decided to give it a go.

Easy concept: Attach a paperclip to the top of a toy airplane and send it down a length of fishing line. The official name is "Front Yard Flight School," but we did this activity indoors. The directions also say to tape the paperclip that has been unfolded into an "s" shape onto the plane but I used a hot glue gun. Although the glue pops off of the plane when it is dropped hard, it also means that the plane does not always have to be used for this activity. We had lots of fun with this one and even the older kids got into it.

A girl friendly version is to use fairies instead of airplanes. Lucy's 4" Tinkerbell doll had a ribbon loop on the back making attaching a paperclip a snap...or clip.

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